fursuit eyes

    ****ATTENTION: All eyes from this listing will take up to TWO weeks to make plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering.****


    The ice blue eyes in the first photo are glass, and the other examples are 1.5'' acrylic. It will take me some time to update photos but the colors are remaining the same. The glass eyes have the same vibrance, detail, color, and following effect - but the magnification of the design and shinyness of the glass look more realistic compared to the small 1.5'' acrylic I was using. The 2'' acrylic eyes are very vibrant and nice, it was just the smaller eyes I wanted to update.



    Video showing the following effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=620AsgthDeU

    Things to know:
    -1.57'' eyes will be made of glass. 2'' will be acrylic only.
    -have a strong following effect especially after being installed into a costume mask
    -price is for a pair of eyes
    -they are not see through, you will need to install vision mesh nearby to see out of
    -most of my mask blanks take the 1.57'' eyes but the gryphon takes 2''. 99% of blanks that call for 1.5'' eyes will take the 1.57'' because the size difference is so tiny.
    -eyes have a felt fabric backing so keep that in mind if it's being used for jewelry


    Custom eye colors are currently unavailable, but I will be happy to mix colors in an order (ex: one ice blue and one grass green). Just make a note in the message field at checkout.


    Please ask if you have any questions! :)