• PRIVATE LISTING Dire Creatures

    This is a PRIVATE LISTING for Dire Creatures for the following whiskers:


    x1 white

    x4 realistic 


    If you're looking to take your costume or sculpture to the next level, these whiskers will do the job!

    Things to know:
    -each pack comes with 50 individual whiskers
    -whiskers realistically taper on one end and are blunt on the other
    -color is white
    -whiskers have varying degrees of "crinkles" for a more natural look (see up close photos). None of them are perfectly straight.
    -these are a little thinner than my 10'' whiskers. Because of this they don't stick straight out and have a natural "droop"
    -whiskers are approximately 6'' long
    -they can but cut shorter from the blunt end
    -install by poking a hole in the fur with an awl or scissors then gluing in
    -made of plastic


    If you have any questions please ask! :) Bags may or may not come with a logo topper (they are not something I typically attach).