****ATTENTION: All resin orders will take up to TWO weeks to create plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering.****

    This jawset is designed to fit in my realistic wolf base. The original was 3D printed and molded before being used to make resin copies. As a result it has high detail, near perfect symmetry, and is thinner to reduce weight.

    Teeth are cast in a bright white resin that can easily be painted and sealed. The tongue can be cast in any one solid color. Check the second image for measurements.

    You may need to do some light sanding for a better fit if installing into a resin base. Resin bases are cast by hand so the thickness can vary slightly from base to base. I recommend using apoxie sculpt to create gums once installed.

    Please let me know if you have any questions! :)

    • Measurements

      Upper teeth:

      3 1/4'' tall

      3 3/4'' wide


      Lower teeth:

      3 1/8'' tall

      3'' wide