****ATTENTION: All silicone orders will take up to TWO weeks to make plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering.****


    These paw pads have a unique shape that keeps your feet off the ground and your shoes clean! They work great for costumes of lemurs, gryphons, anthromorphic characters, etc - possibly even on the bottom of fuzzy slippers. They are slightly squishy with a matte finish.

    Silicone paw pads are recommended for indoor use, but can be worn outdoors. Rough surfaces like concrete may scuff the silicone over time. They are not intended for use in the mud or water as they can get slick. Be careful when using and applying this product, I will not be responsible for any injuries.




    Pawpads can be cast in any one solid color; the color pictured is black. If you'd like a color that is not on the dropdown menu; please comment with the corresponding hex code in the message field at checkout: Paw pads are made of silicone with a fabric backing that allows it to be attached with glue. I currently cannot do stripes, spots, or other designs.

    Please note that if you want to glue fur fibers to the edges of the silicone itself you will need a silicone glue like Silpoxy, not hot glue. The bottom of the paw pads can be attached to the feet with a strong glue such as E6000 or contact cement, though I recommend hand sewing them in for a stronger result.





    The main pad is roughly 9'' tall and 4'' at its widest point. The toes are 1.75'' - 2'' tall and 1.5'' - 1.75'' wide.




    A note on shipping:
    If you order one pair of paw pads they will be sent via first class domestically/internationally. If you order multiple paw pads or other items it will likely be sent priority domestically (and potentially internationally if the weight exceeds the limit for first class).


    Please let me know if you have any questions! :)