**** PLEASE NOTE: All resin base orders will take up to THREE weeks to create plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering. ****


    This listing is for an unfinished DIY plastic resin or foam mask that can be used to create your own raptor mask or costume head. Each mask is very lightweight with an off-white outer layer and a black inner coating. The design was sculpted from scratch then molded. Now I use that same mold to hand cast these products for you!


    The mask takes very well to paint, hotglue, fur, etc. It was made to fit a wearer with a horizontal forehead circumference up to 24-25'' and 27 - 28'' vertically around your head and underneath your chin (GREAT for those with larger heads). The size can be adjusted by heating the edges slowly with a heat gun and **gently** pulling them outward with an oven mitt. I recommend padding the inside with foam for smaller heads and for comfort.




    EYES: As of right now you will need to make your own plastic eyes to fit on this base. I do have a new version in the works that will have eyes made to fit it, but it's not available yet.




    UNCUT: The edges will be sanded but nothing cut apart.

    CUT & NOT HINGED: The mask will have the tear ducts, nostrils, and jawline cut apart but not assembled. This option does not come with hinges or hardware - you'll need to buy those separately.

    CUT & V-HINGED: The mask will have the tear ducts, nostrils, and jawline cut apart with a V shape hinge and elastic attached. This is my favorite option for jaw movement but it is a little harder to fur around.

    CUT & STR8-HINGED: The mask will have the tear ducts, nostrils, and jawline cut apart with a straight hinge and elastic attached. Straight hinges are flush with the base and easier to fur around.


    You will need to add the tear duct mesh, eyes, etc. You can find these in the supply section of my shop. Please be careful when using any tools, I will not take responsibility for any injuries.

    If you have any questions just ask! Your purchases help a self employed artist pay the bills and I am grateful for your support! :)