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Chestnut the ragdoll cat - OPEN for offers

I am currently taking offers to pre-claim Chestnut through Sunday March 31st at 9pm CST. Offers in the last ten minutes will extend the closing time by another ten minutes. The benefit to claiming this suit before they are finished is I can make the parts to fit you.

Design and construction methods are set in stone and cannot be changed.

How to place an offer

​Please e-mail your offer to I will respond and tell you if you have the highest bid. If I don't respond it may have gone to spam so please message me on telegram or Etsy. All offers will be posted anonymously in my Telgram chat here:


If someone has a bid higher than you, you can e-mail me to raise your offer.

Minimum offer, what's included
Offers of at least $2800 but below $3,499 will be for a head only.
Offers between $3,500 to $3,999 will be for a head and tail.
Offers between $4,000 to $5,499 will be for the head, hands, and tail.
Offers at $5,500 and above will be for a head, tail, hands, and feet.
No fullsuit option is currently available. 

All offers include the reference sheet (info can be changed) and rights to the character. Yes, you can offer the minimum of $2800.


50% of the final price is required up front within 48 hours of the offer window closing. The remaining 50% plus shipping will be due upon completion of the suit but prior to shipping. My turnaround time for this will be fairly fast so only bid if you are confident you can pay the suit off on time. Invoices will be sent through Square.


Shipping will be either through USPS or UPS. Signature and full insurance are required. The price will be added on top of your final offer and invoiced at the end. No local pickup.

I can ship worldwide but please be aware shipping is expensive and you will likely have to pay customs fees on top of shipping.

The head will be made on a foam base with a static jaw, dye sublimated following eyes, and a zipper in the back. The inside will have an adjustable/removable baseball cap for easy washing and quick size adjustments.

Tail will be filled with polyfil with standard belt loops. I'm waiting on samples but I plan to use a longer brown fur to get the fluffy look. Please note that extra long furs tend to be less dense at the base. This is something you won't notice at all unless you're pulling the fur back to look at the backing, but I wanted to mention it!

Hands will have flat pink minky paw pads, minky claws, and four fingers. If you're putting in a higher offer and want puffy mochi paw pads like the coyote let me know and that could be doable!  

Feet are always built on crocs, and will extend roughly 6'' from the ankle. The bottoms will be flat black shoe soling for outdoor use. Indoor feet with minky paw pads are a possibility - they're kind of tedious so I'd need a pretty high offer to be convinced to do it.

Turnaround Time

Head only - one month
Head and tail - one month
Head, tail, and hands - six weeks
Head, tail, and feet - two months
If you have a con deadline you're trying to meet and you're willing to do a high offer I could get this completed a little faster. Just email me with your offer and date, it doesn't hurt to ask! Turnaround time does not include shipping time.

That's it! Please email me at if you have any questions.  :)

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