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Commission Info

Are commissions open?

Commissions are currently closed.

How do I get a commission?
Commissions are offered to my patrons on Patreon first. If a slot is not claimed by a patron, it will be offered to the public via auction. You can read more about it here.

Why are slots available to Patreon first? It's not fair!
Every fursuit I make is a highly detailed custom work of art. I am only able to make a handful of costumes per year while juggling my parts store and general business tasks.

When I did open to the public I would have 50+ serious applications for 4 - 5 slots. There was no way for an applicant to know if they had a good chance of being picked, even if they applied multiple years in a row. Seeing the same group of 15+ people applying year after year and STILL not being able to accommodate everyone prompted me to make the switch.

With the new Patreon system you can see where you stand. Do you have the highest lifetime pledge? Did I approve your character design before you joined? This means when I open you will for sure be offered the slot first. You can decide if you want to wait on me to make your fursuit or move onto another maker who has an opening. 

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