Buying multiple pieces of mesh? Use this listing to save money on shipping!


If you're looking for vision mesh that has a balance between excellent vision and detail, then this is exactly what you need! Each order is for a single piece of mesh that is approximately 6'' x 9'' or 12'' x 9''. For the best vision paint the back of the mesh black. This is great for fursuits or whiting out the eyes on cosplay masks (Umbrella Academy, Spiderman, etc). Bulk pricing is available on Big Cartel only.

Not sure which mesh you need? Check out the pros and cons of each mesh:


-holds the greatest detail
-has the least amount of vision (it's still great but not as clear as the other two)
-paintable right away


**White Vinyl Mesh**
-holds the second most amount of detail
-excellent vision
-recommend sanding before painting and sealing it afterwards with a matte clear spray


**Black Vinyl Mesh**
-holds the least amount of detail
-has the best vision
-harder to blend in but with some paint it can look pretty convincing
-recommend sanding before painting and sealing it afterwards with a matte clear spray


**Sample Pack**

Shipping Notice: All mesh and whiskers are shipped in a flat rate first class envelope to keep shipping costs as low as I can. There is no tracking number. If you would like to upgrade to priority shipping send me a message.


If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)