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Spike the coyote - brand new fursuit partial
  • Spike the coyote - brand new fursuit partial

    This listing is for a brand new partial by Stuffed Panda Studios. Partial includes head, hands, and tail. I highly recommend watching this video to see the partial up close:


    • Has adjustable velcro straps and removable head padding
    • Fits 23’’ heads and under easily. 24’’ will technically fit, but it does make the straps feel short with only a couple inches of overlap. For an extra fee I can extend the length of the straps a bit.
    • May accommodate glasses. I have a 22’’ head and the corners of my frames barely touch the inside of the base, and it feels comfortable to me. YMMV
    • Great ventilation and vision. There is a small blind spot in the center but nothing major
    • Built on a sturdy 3D printed headbase by Latinvixen



    Video turnaround of the head:

    Additional photos:


    • On the medium to large size. If you have small hands let me know and I can cut an opening in the padding and add more polfyfil to make it snug for an extra fee.
    • Cuff opening has a circumference of about 11.5’’
    • Inside top is lined with polyfil to get the full puffy look, bottom inside is unlined
    • Mochi minky paw pads and minky claws
    • Can be machine washed even with the airbrushing



    • Loops on the back so it can be worn with a belt
    • 26’’ long
    • Can be machine washed



    Video of the partial being worn together:


    Payment & Shipping

    This partial is sold as is. I am not offering any changes to the partial aside from potentially lengthening the head straps and adding more polyfil to the hands (for an extra fee).

    Buyers must be 18 years or older.

    All fursuits are always fully insured and require a signature confirmation to pickup, no exceptions. No in person pickup.

    I can ship worldwide, but please be aware that your country may charge customs fees that you are responsible for in addition to the cost of shipping. I may also not be able to insure the package for the full $5k, sometimes there is a cut off at $2500. 



    Please e-mail if you have any questions! :D

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