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    ****ATTENTION: All foam base orders will take up to 4 weeks to create plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering.****



    This listing is for one *small* toony kemono deer foam base to make your own fursuit or mascot costume. While this was designed with a deer in mind, but it could easily be used for a cow if you use different ears. The original model was created digitally in Nomad Sculpt before being molded so it has perfect symmetry!

    The base is cast with a plug so the majority of it is already hollowed out. Because of this the base may feel "flimsy" until it is furred and lined. Thickness ranges from 3/8'' to 1/2'' around the base. Cutting along the guidelines in the corners of the mouth will allow you to make a moving jaw or prop open mouth for a permanent expression and airflow.

    The circular indents ontop of the head are shallow enough that they can be furred over if you're not using the band.

    Please refer to photos for measurements. This base is designed to be worn as a partial or for those that prefer smaller heads (about 20'' - 23''). This is not available in resin or PLA+ at the moment.


    Ears are an optional add-on in the dropdown menu. They are made out of a softer cast foam and line up perfectly with placement markings on the base for easy symmetry. To make the ears sturdy once attached I suggest gluing a 1/4'' piece of EVA foam underneath the ears/ overlapping into the inside of the base.


    The eye blanks are printed with white ABS. There are visible print lines so if this bothers you I recommend looking up tutorials for smoothing out ABS. Mesh can be printed or dye sublimated and attached to the backside of these eyes for vision and a nice following effect.


    A jawset is being worked on right now but is not quite available yet.


    The antlers and band can be purchased separately here.

    The band is intended to be permanently glued to the head base with 20mm x 5mm magnets glued inside. There are several styles of antlers available that you can swap in and out of the band for easy storage and travel.


    A NOTE:
    All foam bases will have minor imperfections. These include bubbles on the surface (mainly towards the edges), small air pockets under the surface, and rough patches on the surface. None of these effect furring or the final product. Any bases that major issues will be in my clearance section at a discounted rate.

    About foam:
    Don't like resin? This base is made out of soft open cell expanding foam you can carve and cut to make your own animal costume head! Bases are about the texture and density of upholstery foam.

    Things to know about expanding foam bases:

    • You'll need to hollow and cut them apart yourself, I don't offer a cut option.
    • Foam is cast in layers. You may notice slightly different colors between layers and the foam may feel a little more dense where the layers touch. This is normal and won't effect the furring process.
    • They will fit just about any head size depending on how you cut/hollow it out. I really recommend cutting it apart and gluing it to a balaclava sized to fit your head or adding straps to the back so you can slide it on like a helmet.
    • All foam, even upholstery, is cast foam. It is only dangerous in liquid form when it is giving off gases while curing.
    • I take precautions during and after to expel any fumes. Please let me know if you have any questions! :)
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